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New technologies, modern design and ergonomics for Embedded systems.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

We develop interactive user interfaces for Embedded systems and also the remote control of such systems using a simple mobile application.

Graphic HMI (Human-Machine Interface) development is made with our powerful cross-platform tool Qt. Thanks to the Qt framework and low level C++ programming language along with OpenGL graphical libraries, we are able to create vibrant, modern and graphically rich applications.



Applications developed are platform independent. They can easily be run on any OS (such as Windows Embedded, Linux, QNX, Android, iOS, and more).

We also focus on booting up optimization and fast application startup time. Dependent on the computation unit being used, and also thanks to such optimizations it is possible to run up the system and load necessary driver support to communicate with periphery within seconds.

System Integration

System Integration

We offer the integration of proposed software solution to the terminal Embedded system and ensure communication with external peripherals.

As a part of product development, we offer our engineer’s support in selecting the hardware that will fulfill all requirements, hence bringing reasonable power/price ratio. We provide full delivery service of all required or recommended hardware and its encapsulation.

Intelligent Home

Intelligent Home

Our company specializes in developing automated intelligent products for modern houses. We bring unique systems to the comfort of your home.

The main goal is to create one single platform which will unite application programming interfaces (API) for communication with the peripherals and to control all Home appliances with any kind of portable device. For further information please peruse the project section where you can find our current product and project’s portfolio for intelligent house.

About us

JALUD Embedded specializes in building 32bit Embedded solutions, specific mobile applications and integrating these solutions. We develop solutions independent on Operating system.

We are a creative and innovative company offering the development of fast and reliable software applications, including the integration of hardware for all proposed solutions and requests, while also adapting the applicable drivers (on our custom board support package) for interaction with external periphery. Quality and reliability of your embedded systems is supported by a team of highly skilled engineers with cutting-edge ideas and vast experience with modern technology.

Our main focus is the development of intelligent household systems. We bring the brain for connected embedded system devices. However, we also offer the development of Embedded systems in other market areas and industries, such as:

  • Industrial
  • Automotive, Marine, Aviation
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Handheld and Mobility
  • Consumer & Entertainment use (mobile app., systems for intelligent home, etc.)
  • Information Kiosk (for tourists, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, etc.)
  • And many other areas