About us

JALUD Embedded specializes in building 32bit Embedded solutions, specific mobile applications and integrating these solutions. We develop solutions independent on Operating system.

We are a creative and innovative company offering the development of fast and reliable software applications, including the integration of hardware for all proposed solutions and requests, while also adapting the applicable drivers (on our custom board support package) for interaction with external periphery. Quality and reliability of your embedded systems is supported by a team of highly skilled engineers with cutting-edge ideas and vast experience with modern technology.


While developing your Embedded HMI application, we use modular software development techniques, with a reasonable decomposition for maximizing the power of an application, speed of a development process, reusability and scalability of the system components.

Our main focus is the development of intelligent household systems. We bring the brain for connected embedded system devices. However, we also offer the development of Embedded systems in other market areas and industries, such as:

  • Industrial
  • Automotive, Marine, Aviation
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Handheld and Mobility
  • Consumer & Entertainment use (mobile app., systems for intelligent home, etc.)
  • Information Kiosk (for tourists, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, etc.)
  • And many other areas

We offer integration to the required or recommended hardware, while also focusing on ergonomics and a basic and simple interaction with the proposed (developed) user interface. Effective project management and planning for the right product delivery is ensured.

Our team of developers have extensive experience in computer networking and cloud storage systems. We also have experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence, which brings “life” to our proposed solutions. For example, using autonomous learning, the system learns from the individual statistics of a user’s activity - about how they interact with the application. Therefore the user interface of the system can adapt to individual user requirements within the run time of the application. We also have experience with the integration of 3D models to the application using hardware accelerated OpenGL library, statistical big data analysis and experience with pattern recognition technique. Thanks to our knowledge of electronics and circuit development, we are offering the Plug and Play solution with full hardware integration.

Please take a look at to our product portfolio to get acquanted with the quality of our software products and all technological extras provided by JALUD Embedded s.r.o.