Intelligent Refrigerator

We have created an intelligent refrigerator concept using modern technology. The application will runs on the embedded LCD at the front door of your refrigerator. Software is supported by mobile application for food management and for intelligent shopping.

Basic features:

  • Magnetic board - ability to add a note directly on the “board” through the application
  • Fast and easy adding - calculating the new goods passing into the fridge using a mobile phone camera. While shopping, the user can easily load any new item which he/she is currently buying, to the fridge using a mobile camera and bar-code image recognition application.
  • Remote fridge management - access to the shopping chart or notes using our mobile application.
  • Interactive advertisement - fridge software contains a “screen saver” where there are discounts leaflets from supermarkets located in a close area shown to the user. During discussion with potential consumers, this feature is being surprisingly considered as a “must have” among users. Leaflets can be shown to the user according his/her preferred food purchases, or according to position, preferred supermarket, etc.
  • Menu for goods management - user-friendly interface to manage food, recipes, notes, etc.
  • Foodstuff categorization and control , foodstuff is categorized according to most used/favorite items, currently present items, expiration date, etc.
  • Recipes management is linked with items currently present in the fridge and the user can easily see which recipe can be cooked, or what items need to be purchased.
  • Fast removing/adding new items into the fridge using the bar-code reading system (read more in “Mobile platform” section).
  • Alerting user of expiration dates.

A study of ergonomics conducted by Apple Inc. shows that the most suitable dimensions of display is about 9.7”. For our concept we have considered a 10.1” LCD display with IPS matrix and great viewing angles. On the top of the LCD there is a capacitive multi-touch panel which is capable of 11 simultaneous touches. It opens up the possibilities of multi-finger gestures.

Usability of this type of application is crucial. Considering ergonomics, we provide an intuitive, simple and fast user control. No one wants to work large and complicated menu, with plenty of functionality, some of which isn't necessary. For example who would like to make a skype call directly from the refrigerator, watch TV, or have chat window?

Removing food from the fridge can be done in an effective way. The application can gradually learns the preferences and also the average amount of food consumed by the user. If the user consistently takes out an average amount of food, the ability of system using the application to learn, will lower the time needed for any interaction between the application and user the (read more in “Mobile platform” section).

The step of removing food from refrigerator can be accomplished quickly, even without the bar code system integration or the learning of user preferences– the fridge application needs just about 1-3 seconds of button interaction and gestures to make a fast and easy correction of the actual consumed item to the appropriate amount. No other interaction is necessary.

The application notifies users of expired food, which recipes can be created from purchased food, or suggests what the user should buy in order to make his/her favorite recipe. In the future, direct online shopping and other features can be implemented.