Mobile Platform

This platform provides a unified API (Application Programming Interface) that covers the necessary (cloud) network communication, data synchronization and accounting for an intelligent home management. We use cloud technology for data storage and to provide maximum network security.

Vision: A unified and open ecosystem for remote management of smart appliances.
Thoughts behind: Manufacturers often do not have the possibility to have a team of SW and network experts to build the product with its intelligent remote management. There are variety of products for Smart Home already on market. But for each product the user usually need another tool to control the device - whether it is a physical controller or a variety of mobile applications and web interfaces.

This is not an issue of our Mobile Platform, which purpose is to create an ecosystem for smart devices remote management. Our Mobile Platform may be in the form of an Embedded system build in a wall in your Smart Home or as a mobile application and allows you to manage all smart devices through a single user interface.

The platform is a modular application which we also provide to third parties. On customer request, we can expand this platform with plugins to control any peripherals, sensors and other devices.

Mobile Platform

The Mobile platform thus serves as a framework for various mobile plugins that can interact with the terminal device which they are designed for. Individual mobile applications of our (or third party) products are inserted as plugins to this platform. A clear understanding of this can be seen in the picture.

Network communication is achieved by protocols – such as WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, etc. which are supported by the mobile device being used. The server is the central unit of the system. This is the unit the mobile platform communicates with. It ensures communication between the mobile application and the periphery of an intelligent home. Network communication options in this case are very large and the right choice depends on each specific use case. Communication over UDP, RF modules, ZigBee / XBee, Bluetooth V3.0 / 4.0 (LE), WiFi, etc are supported by the server unit. Communication is encrypted to prevent unauthorized users from entering or viewing the network.

Development of new plugins is not dependent on the communication interface and accounting. Therefore developers only have to create an easy and simple mobile application to control a specific product and to implement platform API for being able to communicate with the terminal device. Or the user can build the HMI without any further programming skills, the user will simply customize the application from our ready-to-use modules, which fits to the design of mobile application. In the future there will be many ready-to-use modules which the customer can vary and put them into a customized layout structure - everything without writing any line of code. The customer just grabs one of our HW modules and integrates to his/her final product. Thanks to this solution, the customer simply brings an intelligent remote control to his regular product.

The real potential of mobile applications as plugins to our Mobile platform is demonstrated by our two products - Smart refrigerator and Remote light control system.

Intelligent Light Control

The mobile application for remote intelligent light control plays a key role in the ergonomics of remote light control management. A native mobile application allows users immediate access to features and also offers a significant advantage over traditional user interface, which is in the form of an often-used web page. Specifically for this particular annoyance and issue, the native application suits the best and the user doesn’t need to run the web browser, wait, type the address, etc. and finally control the light.

Smart Refrigerator

The mobile application synchronizes the data with the Intelligent refrigerator, which saves time and money (more information can be found in the section “Intelligent Refrigerator”).

All data among users are synchronized and always up to a date. You can easily add a note and inform the user about tasks or items which are necessary to purchase during actual shopping. Any change in the intelligent refrigerator is immediately shown to the user on the mobile application. Users do not need to phone or send a text message with a shopping list or information to another user who is currently shopping. The user simply writes a note or adds a new item to the shopping cart in the intelligent refrigerator. This data is shared among all accounts (i.e. family members) and shown in the mobile application.

When food is being bought in the supermarket, we can use the developed mobile application and quickly scan items using our phone camera. We introduced the technique of scanning the bar code with the camera and also the possibility to add this product directly to the main application item list. In the future, we will introduce the OCR reading technique of the receipt, or implement a direct order of food from a shopping list online, without the need to go shopping.