Remote light control

We offer an exceptional intelligent control lighting system, which avoid the typical technical issues associated with most conventional products on the market. The resultant product is a system that is easy to setup and integrate, and also includes a remote control which uses our native mobile application.

The system is developed with respect to consumer preferences and requirements. We create systems which can be integrated into existing light switch housing without major technical interventions. Unlike most systems available, our solution preserves the functionality of the original mechanical light switches.

There are three types of conventional products:

  • Type A is a special type of intelligent wall light switch, which replaces the standard light switch. Such switches are usually very expensive and may not match your preffered design nor the design of your home.
  • Type B uses an external device which is connected to the housing of the light switch. This type of solution is disadvantageous as it lacks compact dimensions and is hard to integrate.
  • Type C is a module which is connected near to the light bulb. Type C This system is affordable, easy to install, but also brings its challenges. Module for management of the remote light control (due to a power supply issue) can operate only when the light switch is on and thus does not allow the independence of the lighting control on the mechanical light switch.
Type C

Our prototype solution combines advantages of system type A and B, eliminates disadvantages and also offers:

  • Compact dimensions and easy – integration to the housing of your standard wall switch which suits best to your home.
  • HW independence – of the solution - defined as standard and preferred functionality of your current wall switch will remain the same. Our system is isolated from the standard light switch. Meaning, you will be able to switch your lights on/off using your standard wall switch, even after cases of blackouts or overvoltage on the line. Thus lights can be controlled remotely using our native mobile application as well as using the standard wall switch.
  • Intelligent mobile light control – forget plastic remote control units or having to control the lights via websites. With our product, you control your lights directly from your mobile phone and our modern application.
  • Competitive price – , details further.

The system can be connected to the phase (120/230V) wire which goes directly to the wall switch. The first prototype, without our own circuit development, can fit the dimensions of approximately 30x40x50mm. We offer a solution of genuine compact dimensions, with further miniaturization processes planned. We are able to reach such dimensions, which can be integrated behind or inside the wall light switch.

As a gateway to the system, there is an efficient computation unit (ARM CPU) which remotely and securely communicates with each light. The gateway is connected to your standard home router and it mediates the communication between the modules and the mobile application for remote light control.

Remote Light Control

Preliminary pricing estimates

“Starter Evaluation Kit” – basic package which includes:

  • Power efficient ARM computer Raspberry PI as a gateway
  • Mobile application for remote light control
  • Two remote control modules for two rooms
  • Two brand new high quality LED bulbs.

Preliminary price estimate for one kit is only about 190€!

Buying additional modules for other rooms will be around 25€/room.

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